The professional of technic in your event!

Our special field is sound. We offer you the sound and lighting solutions for different kind of concerts, events and stands, wherever you need. We also rent the equipment for example for a tour or a presentation. We will carry out of the technical planning and building your event with expertise. The equipment will be provided as ready to function, with or without the technicians. Our experience in organizing sound systems for concerts is considerable. The equipment we use is of professional high quality like e.g. d&b audiotechnik, Soundcraft, Yamaha, Shure, Neumann, and many others.

We have also a noticeable experience in setting up lighting in events and concerts. The lighting equipment used is among other things ETC, Arri, Robe, Martin. We can also present you a virtual lighting lay out beforehand if required! We carry out projecting in your event with the latest techniques. Look here the events we have been part in.

Contact us and let´s make your event an experience!